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I am going to try and get a sidescroller up. And dear lord was that my flash!?

2008-10-20 00:11:38 by ryoga56

I am currently thinking of making a game based on Either OGGA or SHIRORI. If you have a suggestion then let me know which one you think I should do.

OGGA is about a guy who gets sent to a new world and is transformed into a girl. The base of the Game is to fight Chitara (the evil villain who transformed our hero into a girl) with her new found powers from turning into a girl.

Shirori kind of runs along the same lines but that story is more different. Shirori is about a knight who withstood the kingdom of lesigh and killed many people who are involved with the rebellion due to a war in the kingdom. The story goes on after Shirori kills a few people and goes to meet with someone outside the kingdom. He is then tricked by this person who is affiliated with the rebellion and transformed into a girl. He goes back to the kingdom only to be tricked and thrown into prison. Now shirori must face a decision, go outside and become a better person or die without even beginning a new life.


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